What are the types of t shirts?

There are over 20 different varieties of T shirts to choose from. Some are informal, while others are more official. These designs are available for men, women, and children.

Discover the best shirt style for you! Here are the many sorts of T shirts available to you.

Short sleeve

T shirts with high, rounded necklines and sleeves that fall below the shoulder are essential. They are long enough to cover your entire torso and are made to fit all day comfortably.

Cap sleeve

Cap sleeves fall directly in the centre of the shoulders. The design is intended to slim your arms and produce an attractive appearance. 

Dress these T shirts up for date night with jeans and a good blazer!

Three-quarters sleeve

Let’s assume it’s a chilly day, but you want to show off your bracelet. Put on a three-quarter-sleeved shirt. The arms come to rest around 3 inches above your wrist.

Long sleeve

In the winter, full-sleeved or long-sleeved T shirts are ideal for layering. The sleeves are long enough to cover your arms, and because they’re often made of lightweight cloth, they won’t feel cumbersome under your jacket.

Crop top

Display your abs in a crop top or half shirt that does not cover the complete torso. This T shirt style is a belly, cut-off, or baby doll shirt.


Collared/Polo  They’re more formal than plain tees, so they’re appropriate for employee uniforms or sophisticated occasions like golf trips or banquet meals.


The letter “U” is formed like a crewneck collar. It’s the most frequent neckline featured on T shirts since it’s not too exposing and flatters all body shapes.


As the name implies, a V-neck shirt features a neckline fashioned like a letter “V.” Its cut accentuates the breast region and is worn by both men and women.


 Wear a raglan T shirt for an athletic look. The half sleeves on this design are a different colour from the body, commonly white or grey. It’s a relaxed appearance frequently seen in baseball or softball outfits.

Scoop neck

The scoop neck is the bolder cousin of the crewneck! The neckline has a more profound “U,” giving the impression that it has physically “scooped” out of the breast region.

Boat neck/Bateau

Consider the bottom of a sailboat for the primary form of a bateau or boat neckline. This style is more common in women’s shirts and is fancier than your average T shirt.


Wearing a turtleneck top makes you look intelligent. The sleeves are short, yet the neckline extends up to your chin. This is a bold pick for stylists.


A Henley T shirt is ideal for men who wish to dress casually yet still look decent. This shirt is either short or long sleeves and features buttons along the centre of the chest.


Wear a hooded sweatshirt if you’re having a horrible hair day. This T shirt is frequently worn when working out, especially among joggers who wish to keep their ears warm on chilly nighttime runs.


Do you require a location for your favourite pen? Wear a pocket tee! A little pocket can be seen on the front right or left chest. It’s a casual look that is incredibly popular among men, women, and children.


Wearing a rugby T shirt does not need you to be an athlete. This polo shirt features a boxy form, a stiff collar, and huge stripes on the front. It is generally also available in a men’s cut.

Longline/T shirt dress

Nothing is worse than attending a holiday meal in a stiff gown. Wear a longline T shirt dress to feel more at ease. It features the same sleeves as basic shirts, but the body is entirely different.